Monday, December 22, 2014

Prince Max, Alumni Dialogue, and a Princely Portfolio

Photo: EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht
In "better late than never," news, Prince Max participated in the Alumni Dialogue at EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht on October 9th. Prince Max, who is a 1993 graduate of EBS, spoke to students about traditional and alternative investment models. The event was held in Oestrich-Winkel.

Also, back on May 6th, Prince Max presented at the Prestel & Partner Family Office Forum in Wiesbaden. Prince Max's presentation, entitled The Princely Portfolio, focused on investment strategies with a long-term focus.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Prince Rudolf and Princess Tılsım Attend Memorial

In a kind of a one-two punch for us - this being number two and the Swiss-Turkish Economic Forum number one - Prince Rudolf and Princess Tılsım attended a memorial for Hacı Sabancı back in late November. A second generation member of the renowned Sabancı family, he was a Turkish businessman and philanthropist. Hacı Sabancı died on June 24, 1998 in İstanbul after a two-year struggle against lung cancer.

Prince Rudolf and Princess Tılsım at Swiss-Turkish Economic Forum

Photo: Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Turkey
Prince Rudolf, youngest son of Prince Philipp and Princess Isabelle of Liechtenstein, and his Turkish-born wife Princess Tılsım recently were among the guests of the 10th Swiss-Turkish Economic Forum held at the İTÜ ARI Teknokent of the Istanbul Technic University. The event was organised by the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Turkey (SCCT) and held on December 10. The topic of this year's forum was "Can Family Businesses Innovate?". Looking at the pictures, it seems that Prince Rudolf was among those to give a speech at the event.

Prince Hans-Adam Talks to Dutch TV

On the occasion of his silver throne jubilee, Prince Hans-Adam II recently gave an interview to Dutch TV show Blauw Bloed. In the English-language interview, he talks about the advise he gives to his son, Hereditary Prince Alois, his family's art collection as well as a number of other related topics. The interview was broadcasted on November 22.

Luxarazzi 101: Royal Recycling and Clothes Sharing Vol. 4

They can't leave it, can they? The Grand Ducal Family loves to wear out each others clothes though let's be honest, if our mothers, sisters, aunts or cousins had a wardrobe full of designer gems, we would probably do the same all the time. The dress and jacket above were first worn by Princess Alexandra for national day 2008 as well as pictures taken by Lola Velasco around the same time and later by Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie for a visit to Steinfort in 2014.
This time around, even the Princely Family is in on the clothes sharing action with a sentimental favourite of mine: On national day in 2014 Sophie von Lattorff, daughter of Princess Tatjana and her husband Philipp von Lattorff, wore a dress previously worn by her cousin Princess Marie-Caroline for the wedding of little Sophie's parents in 1999.
So turns out that the coat Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie wore to Archduke Christoph's wedding in December 2012 does not originate with Princess Alexandra, who wore it to her grandfather's 90th birthday party in January 2011 (as previously mentioned in the first post of this kind), but with Grand Duchess Maria-Teresa. The Grand Duchess sported the coat - including some very obvious buttons that were later obviously removed - for an official visit of former German President Christian Wulff to Luxembourg in 2010.
And as (almost) always, there was also some hat sharing going on: For the funeral of Queen Fabiola of Belgium Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie borrowed a black pillbox hat previously worn by her mother-in-law on a number of occasions.
Not all clothes though are handed to someone else. Either these two dresses worn by Grand Duchess Maria Teresa were two strikingly similar ones to begin with or the long dress lost to the scissors et voilà, it became a short dress.

For more clothes sharing action within the Grand Ducal and Princely Families, have a look at the previous three posts of this series: Here, here and here.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Grand Duke Jean and the Day of the Tree

Photo: RTL
Turns out we missed a bit of news back in November: On the 8th of last month, Grand Duke Jean watched children (and adults) planting trees in Fischbach. The day was Luxembourg's Dag vum Bam or Day of the Tree. Inititiated by the Stëftung Hëllef fir d'Natur, that Grand Duke Henri is the patron of, the Dag vum Bam has been a patronage of Grand Duke Jean since 1997. The children were obviously delighted to greet the Grand Duchy's former head of state.

A video of the day can be found at RTL.

EYOF-Ticket for the Hereditary Prince

Photo: Michael Zanghellini
Exactly 38 days prior to the opening of the European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF), Hereditary Prince Alois received a delegation of the organising committee at Schloss Vaduz on Thursday. The EYOF will take place between January 25 and 30 in Liechtenstein and the neighbouring Austrian federal state of Vorarlberg. The Hereditary Prince and Austrian President Heinz Fischer will open the Festival together. While Hereditary Prince Alois will do so in English, the Austrian President will take over the German part. Both of them already received their tickets this week.

More pictures at Volksblatt, who also have a video, and Vorarlberg Online.

Princess Tessy at 2014 Chiefs of Transformation Conference

Photo: Petty Officer Stephen Oleksiak
Princess Tessy was among the more than 300 military and civilian leaders from all 28 NATO nations and partner nations to attend the 2014 Chiefs of Transformation Conference (COTC) at the Waterside Marriott Hotel in Norfolk, Virginia, from Tuesday to Thursday this week. Previously the princess had already visited Headquarters, Supreme Allied Command Transformation (HQ SACT) and the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

About her attendance at the conference Princess Tessy said, "For me as an academic, I've learned a lot of what Transformation is and especially ACT. I've met some truly wonderful and inspiring people who all in own rights love their nation and really want to move forward to create a sustainable peace, togetherness and cooperation within one world. For me it was a beautiful experience..."

"...It was incredible to see how each person communicated, exchanged ideas, worked together, created new plans," she continued. "It was really an enjoyable moment to be in the middle of them and listen and see Transformation happening in front of my eyes."

More information and pictures on the website of the NATO.

Last Christmas Visits for Princess Marie and Hereditary Princess Sophie

Photo: Nis Vollmar / Volksblatt /
One final visit today to APH Schlossgarten in Balzers, as well as the St. Mamertus retirement home in Triesen! Princess Marie and Hereditary Princess Sophie brought gifts and visited with residents.

Volksblatt has some more lovely photos from both locations, with the ladies rounding off their participation in the annual event to bring seasonal joy to those in hospitals and retirement homes.

Prince Wenzeslaus at Charity Dinner

On Thursday, Prince Wenzeslaus, second son of Prince Philipp and Princess Isabelle, attended the Annual Charity Dinner hosted by the AEM Association Children of the World for Rwanda. At the event held at the Held at Espace Cardin in Paris, he was pictured together with Hungarian model Barbara Palvin. Other royal and noble guests at the charity dinner inluded the Princess of Venice and Piedmont  (a.k.a. Clotilde Courau) and Princess Alessandra Borghese.